Svartzonker McHybrid 16.5cm/74g Red Sucker

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Beskrivelse av artikkelen

McHybrid is an effective and unique hybrid lure where two worlds meet in one, soft and hard at the same time. The first lipless crank with a soft paddle. With its wide and oval body, it provides a realistic baitfish profile, with a wandering, elegant swimming pattern that attracts big predators. Attach it to the upper eyelet and it will swim deeper and with a wider wandering pattern. The lower eyelet gives it a smoother and shallower swimming pattern. If you want an even smoother and super shallow presentation, switch from the paddle to the tail.

_Made of impact resistant ABS
_Weighted with eco-friendly zinc
_Stainless steel wire through for extra strength
_Oversized stainless steel tail screw for easy installation of paddle/tail
_Eco-friendly phthalate-free plastisol
_Designed in Sweden by Svartzonker
_Extra strong stainless steel split rings
_Super sharp Berkley® Fusion19™™hooks

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