SG Fat Vibes 5,1cm/11g Sinking Firetiger

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Beskrivelse av artikkelen

As implied by the name, the Savage Gear Fat Vibe emits the type of attention-grabbing vibration that titillates lateral lines and triggers an aggressive feeding response. Whether it is yo-yo'd off of the bottom or ripped through grass, the Savage Gear Fat Vibe's flat head and precisely sculpted body create a high-frequency shimmy that bass willingly choke. Capable of drawing strikes on the drop as well, the Savage Gear Fat Vibe has a wobbling decent that fish love.

Internally, the Savage Gear Fat Vibe is equipped with a booming rattle system that creates a unique and appetizing tonal agitation. Armed with two razor-sharp trebles, the Savage Gear Fat Vibe is sure to become a familiar sight in rod lockers and on boat decks everywhere.   

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