MadCat Pelagic Cat Lure 21cm/75g Salt 'n Pepper

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Beskrivelse av artikkelen

PELAGIC CAT LURE Hunting for pelagic catfish just got a whole lot easier with this super-realistic and incredibly detailed soft lure, specially designed for just that purpose. Featuring a lead hidden inside the head so as not to spook weary catfish, this lure drops fast, swimms straight as an arrow and hangs horizontally in the strike zone. The 6X super-strong double hook is held in place with a small, embedded magnet hook keeper. Catfish and sometimes zander hit this lure so hard and deep that unhooking can become tricky – this double hook doesn’t stick into the lure body, making unhooking faster and more fish-friendly. The lure also features added smelt flavour scent to draw catfish in from further away.

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